Handcrafted 'Heroine' Quote Cuff

$ 50.00

'Heroine' Quote Cuff Bracelet.

She needed a Hero
So that's what she became

This quote about resilience and empowerment adorns a rough-hewn style enamel cuff. Using a base of copper, burgundy enamel is carefully fired in a 1400 degree kiln to create a unique, weathered look. Perfect for your favourite edgy, stylish fashionista!

This cuff measures 1.5" in width with the quote stamped on the top. Victorian Burgundy enamel is pressed into the letters of the quote, then scraped off the top for a high contrast relief look as shown in the photos. The ends of the cuff have a layer of the green enamel, applied in an organic manner - just a touch of gilder's paste and additional re-firing adds a permanent golden glimmer. The finish product looks very much like an ancient bronze talisman, antiqued by years of enduring the elements.

Please allow for some very slight natural variation from piece to piece, as is typical with kilned glass jewelry.

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