Who is Bullfinch / Barbury?

An Inspiring Collection Made Using Heirloom Craftsmanship

We love real things.  Our shop holdings represent a curated collection of modern artifacts, made by hand and drawing upon generations of tradition and craftsmanship.  Each piece is chosen to bring joy, uniqueness and beauty to your every day.  
Artist, Lia Bowen, began working in metal and gemstones in 2005, and for the past 11 years has specialized in enamel creations.  Seeing real enamel is a rare sight today, as the rise in plastic and epoxies can mimic the look using chemicals instead of the natural ingredients (minerals and sands) and highly specialized techniques.
As the line has grown, a collection of artists and craftsmen have come together to create.  In 2015, the studio moved to the uppermost floor of historic Leaf Creek House, a 1840's manor house with surrounding acres devoted to raising heritage and primitive breed sheep, fowl and horses.