Elk Horn Handmade Bronze Choker Necklace with Set Zircon Gems

$ 161.50 $ 190.00

Our ethereal Elk Horn necklace with the addition of glittering zircon gemstones set in silver cabochons among the prongs; a lovely statement necklace inspired by natural beauty. A pair of cast bronze Elk Horns are set as the tips to an open torque style choker necklace - making it adjustable, comfortable and fun to wear (we had fun wearing it in our hair like a crown). 

Necklace measures approximately 7"x 7" and is easily molded and adjusted by hand. Just over 1.5 total carats in zircons are cabochon set in sterling silver adorn the horns. Available in a polished or brushed finish. 

Elk is considered one of the most powerful animal totems: it symbolizes physical and emotional strength, as well as nobility, patience, strength and endurance.

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