Little Feather Earring - Handcrafted Enamel Post Earrings

$ 30.00

Little Feather Post Earrings.

This little pair of posts takes the phrase 'light as a feather' to a whole new level. Petite as can be, these enameled lovelies are perfect for everyday wear but also add a touch of fun to even the most boring board meeting life might throw at you. Completely handmade - 100% - from start to finish.

- Enamel on copper base
- Sterling Silver Earring Posts
- Measures about 3/4" long
- 'Golden-tipped' variation coated in 24K gold leaf

Because of the 100% handcrafted nature of these earrings, some very slight variations from piece to piece are possible - and celebrated. We aren't fans of mass production machinery - we craft all of our jewelry in small batches with great care and pride.

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