'Midas' Bangle Set

$ 114.00

'Midas' Enamel Bangle Set

Mi·das [maɪdəs] 
noun, British Slang.
1. The fabled king of Phrygia to whom Dionysus gave the power of turning to gold all that he touched : "Florence and the Machine sings that brill song that goes 'Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight . . .'"

This listing is for a set of skinny, stackable bangles enameled in bright shades of Candy Yellow, 24K Karat gold, liquid gilding and gilder's paste. Perfect for ushering in the Winter season, this bright set adds a golden glimmer to your favourite holiday fashions.

Each of these 7 hand-made bangles are enameled with a subtle shift in hue to give them a beautiful depth - each bangle has a gold embellishment to it. The range of colors makes these easy to match to the bold colour combinations trending this season.

This set of bangles has a circumference of 8.25’’ and will fit most average sized wrists.

Please convo me for additional information or questions about custom bracelets

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